Coagulation and Flocculation, Second Edition

Hansjoachim Stechemesser and Bohuslav Dobias 
CRC Press  2005  

Hardback  882  ISBN 9781574444551      £133.00
  • Updates and expands chapters on dissociation from a solid surface, electric double layer, surface ionization, thin liquid films, intracrystalline reactions, and gelation
  • Improves upon Gouy-Chapman model
  • Includes never before published figures and equations
  • Introduces new material on homopolymers and the stability of suspensions in the presence of surfactants, polymers, and mixtures
  • Offers sound principles of flocculation and dewatering of fine-particle suspensions
First published in 1993, Coagulation and Flocculation is a practical reference for the researchers in the field of the stabilization and destabilization of fine solid dispersions. By omitting chapters that remained unchanged from the first edition, the editors of this second edition completely update, rewrite, and expand upon all chapters to reflect a decade of the latest advances in both theoretical and application aspects of the field.

The authors provide expanded material that includes dissociation from a solid surface with independent sites; improvements to the Gouy-Chapman model; electrical double layer, surface ionization, and surface heterogeneity; thin liquid films and modeling of a semi-batch process using microprocesses probabilities; and clay mineral intracrystalline reactions, applications, and gelation. New chapters cover homopolymers and their effect on colloid stability, including never before published figures and equations; the stability of suspensions in the presence of surfactants, polymers, and mixtures; and the flocculation and dewatering of fine-particle suspensions, emphasizing floc formation, growth, structure, and applications.

The second edition of Coagulation and Flocculation effectively captures both the theoretical and application aspects of the latest advances in the evolving field of solid dispersions, suspensions, and mixtures.


  • Thermodynamics of Adsorption from Solution; H.-H. Kohler
  • Surface Charge and Surface Potential; H.-H. Kohler and S. Woelki
  • Coagulation Kinetics; H. Stechemesser and H. Sonntag
  • Structure Formation in Dispersed Systems; J. Addai-Mensah and C.A. Prestidge
  • Ion Adsorption on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Surfaces; L.K. Koopal
  • Fundamentals of Homopolymers at Interfaces and Their Effect on Colloid Stability; G.J. Fleer and F.A.M. Leermakers
  • Flotation as a Heterocoagulation Process: Possibilities of Calculation the Probability of the Microprocesses, Rupture of the Intervening Thin Liquid Film and Progress in Modelling of the Overall Process; H.J. Schulze and W. Stöckelhuber
  • From Clay Mineral Crystals to Colloidal Clay Mineral Dispersions; G. Lagaly
  • Stabilization of Aqueous Powder Suspensions in the Processing of Ceramic Materials; C. Simon
  • Surfactant Adsorption and Dispersion Stability in Mineral Flotation; B. Dobiás
  • Flocculation and Dispersion of Colloidal Suspensions by Polymers and Surfactants: Experimental and Modeling Studies; P. Somasundaran, V. Runkana, and P.C. Kapur
  • Flocculation and Dewatering of Fine-Particle Suspensions; R. Hogg
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