Histopathology of Seed-Borne Infections

Dalbir Singh and S. B Mathur 
CRC Press  2004  

Hardback  296  ISBN 9780849328237      £127.00
Histopathology of Seed-Borne Infections is the first book to provide comprehensive coverage of seed infection and disease. It includes an up-to-date account on the development and structure of seed, pointing out the structural variations in seeds of the plant families to which most crop plants belong. The text presents techniques and advice for histopathological studies, as well as a discussion on physiogenic seed disorders and the penetration of ovule/seed by fungi.

Featuring an extensive bibliography, this book serves as a springboard for further research in seed biology and provides a literature review in a field where it is difficult to access older sources. It will be a valuable resource for seed and plant scientists, plant pathologists, crop scientists, ecologists, and seed chemists, as well as researchers and students involved in seed and plant pathology, seed technology, and agriculture.


  • Includes separate chapters on seed-borne microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes) and their diseases
  • Covers the penetration of ovule/seed by fungi
  • Discusses physiogenic seed disorders
  • Provides common techniques and tips for histopathological studies


INTRODUCTION, The Seed, Microorganisms in Seed, Histopathology, References

REPRODUCTIVE STRUCTURES AND SEED FORMATION, Flower, Sterile Appendages, Fertile Appendages, Nectaries, Ovule, Development and Structure of Female Gametophyte, Fertilization, Seed Development, Seed Coat Development in Selected Genera, Concluding Remarks References

STRUCTURE OF SEEDS, Constitution of Seeds, External Morphology, Internal Morphology, Seed Structure in Selected Families, Concluding Remarks, References

PENETRATION AND ESTABLISHMENT OF FUNGI IN SEED, Environments of Ovule and Seed, Nature of Pathogen, Seed Infection in Developing Seeds, Avenues of Infection in Threshed Seeds, Mechanism of Penetration of Ovary/Fruit and Ovule/Seed Surfaces, Concluding Remarks, References

LOCATION OF FUNGAL HYPHAE IN SEEDS, Severity of Infection and Location, Primary Sites of Colonization, Host-pathogen Interactions, Mixed Infections, Colonization of Seed Tissues, Endophytes, Implication of Internal Infection, Concluding Remarks, References

SEED INFECTION OF BACTERIA, Penetration, Histopathology of Infected Seeds, Survival in Seed, Concluding Remarks, References

SEED INFECTION BY VIRUSES, Infection and Multiplication, Cellular Contacts, Isolations and Transport Systems in Ovule and Seed, Virus Movement, Location in Reproductive Shoot, Ovule and Seed, Cytopathological Effects, Inactivation and Longevity of Viruses in Seed During Maturation and Storage, Concluding Remarks, References

SEED INFECTION BY NEMATODES, Penetration by Nematodes, Histopathology, Association of Nematodes and Bacteria, Survival in Seed, Concluding Remarks, References

PHYSIOGENIC OR NON-PATHOGENIC SEED DISORDERS, Mineral Nutrient Deficiency, Humidity Effects, Concluding Remarks, References

MICROTECHNIQUES IN SEED HISTOPATHOLOGY, Choice of Material, Determination of Identity of Internal Mycelium, Seed Softening, Histological Methods, Procedures for Preparing Some Reagents and Stains, References

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