Plant Development and Biotechnology

Edited by Robert N Trigiano and Dennis J Gray 
CRC Press  2004  

Hardback  356  ISBN 9780849316142      £63.00
  • Integrates more traditional plant sciences with recent advances in molecular genetics and biology
  • Includes chapters on hot topics such as genetic engineering technologies, genetically modified plant controversies, and biotechnology entrepreneurialism
  • Introduces the three types of commonly-used culture regeneration systems: micropropagation; organogenesis; and nonzygotic embryogenesis
  • Contains detailed information on establishing a tissue culture laboratory
  • Examines ways of visualizing and documenting studies, including histology and microscopy/photography
Biotechnology revolutionized traditional plant breeding programs. This rapid change produced new discussions on techniques and opportunities for commerce, as well as a fear of the unknown. Plant Development and Biotechnology addresses the major issues of the field, with chapters on broad topics written by specialists. The book applies an informal style that addresses the major aspects of development and biotechnology with minimal references, without sacrificing information or accuracy.

Divided into five primary parts, this volume explores how the field emerged from its early theoretical base to the technical discipline of today. It also covers progress being made with genetically engineered plants, providing a snapshot of the field's controversial present. Part III discusses methods for preparing media, creating solutions and dilutions, and accomplishing sterile culture work. It investigates common methods for visualizing and documenting studies, and quantifying responses of tissue culture in research.

Part IV delivers the essential foundation of plant tissue culture, introducing the three types of commonly used culture regeneration systems. Part V integrates propagation techniques with other methodologies for the modification and manipulation of germplasm.

Part VI concludes with special sections. Subjects include in vitro plant pathology, recent research into genetic and phenotypic variation, the mechanics of commercial plant production, and the importance of clean cultures and problems associated with maintaining in vitro cultures. The final chapter analyzes entrepreneurship in the field and outlines the do's and don'ts to consider when launching an enterprise.


Introduction , Dennis J. Gray and Robert N. Trigiano

History of Plant Tissue Culture
History of Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, James D. Caponetti, Dennis J. Gray, and Robert N. Trigiano

Supporting Methodologies
Getting Started with Tissue Culture: Media Preparation, Sterile Technique, and Laboratory Equipment Caula A. Beyl
Histological Techniques, Robert N. Trigiano, Kathleen R. Malueg, Kimberly A. Pickens, Zong-Ming Cheng, and Effin T. Graham
Photographic Methods for Plant Cell and Tissue Culture, Dennis J. Gray
Elements of In Vitro Research, Michael E. Compton
A Brief Introduction to Plant Anatomy, Robert N. Trigiano and Dennis J. Gray
Plant Growth Regulators in Plant Tissue Culture and Development, Victor P. Gaba
Software and Databases as Tools for Analyzing Nucleic Acid and Protein Sequences, Zhijian T. Li
Molecular Approaches to the Study of Plant Development, Albrecht G. von Arnim

Propagation and Development Concepts
Shoot Culture Procedures, Michael E. Kane
Propagation from Nonmeristematic Tissues: Organogenesis, Otto J. Schwarz, Anjuna R. Sharma, and Robert M. Beaty
Molecular Aspects of In Vitro Shoot Organogenesis , Shibo Zhang and Peggy G. Lemaux
Propagation from Nonmeristematic Tissues: Nonzygotic Embryogenesis, Dennis J. Gray
Some Developmental and Molecular Aspects of Somatic Embryogenesis (Nonzygotic Embryogenesis), Andreas Mordhorst, Erika Charbit, and Sacco C. de Vries

Crop Improvement Techniques
Use of Protoplasts for Plant Improvement , Richard E. Veilleux, Michael E. Compton, and James A. Saunders
Haploid Cultures , Sandra M. Reed
Embryo Rescue, Sandra M. Reed
Genetic Engineering Technologies, Zhijian T. Li and Dennis J. Gray
Genetically Modified Plant Controversies: Sensational Headlines versus Pragmatic Research, Harry A. Richards, Laura C. Hudson, Matthew D. Halfhill, and Charles N. Stewart, Jr.
Construction and Use of a Simple Gene Gun for Particle Bombardment, Dennis J. Gray, Michael E. Compton,
Ernest Hiebert, Chia Min Lin, and Victor P. Gaba
A Simple Illumination System for Visualizing Green Fluorescent Protein, Dennis J. Gray, Subramanian Jayasankar and Zhijian T. Li
Germplasm Preservation, Leigh E. Towill
Valuable Secondary Products from In Vitro Culture, Mary Ann Lila
In Vitro Plant Pathology, Subramanian Jayasankar and D. J. Gray

Special Topics
Variation in Tissue Culture, Subramanian Jayasankar
Commercial Laboratory Production, Gayle R. L. Suttle
Indexing for Plant Pathogens, Alan C. Cassells and Barbara M. Doyle
Entrepreneurship for Biotechnology Ventures: From Bench to Bag , David W. Altman

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