Adhesive Bonding: Science, Technology, and Applications

R D Adams 
CRC Press  2005  

Hardback  543 pp  ISBN 9780849325847      £169.00
This new book is concerned with adhesives and adhesive bonding for load-bearing applications. It is arranged in three main sections: fundamentals, generic uses and industry specific applications. The introductory section focuses predominantly on different types of adhesives and their mechanical and physical properties, surface assessment, design and analysis, failure and non-destructive testing. Part 2 concentrates specifically on generic uses of adhesives: stiffening, strengthening, repair, and joining of dissimilar materials and composites. The final section of the book concentrates on industry specific applications. The book also includes ISO, ASTM and BS standards with a reference to specific suppliers. This will be useful for all those concerned with the science and technology of adhesive bonding.


Part 1, Introduction to adhesives: Fundamentals of adhesive bonding. History of adhesives and sealants. What are adhesives and sealants and how do they work? Properties of adhesives. Surfaces. Stress analysis. Mechanisms of failure and strength prediction. Environmental effects. Nondestructive testing. Impact behaviour. Fracture mechanics. Fatigue. Vibration damping.

Part 2, Generic uses of adhesives: Stiffening and strengthening. Repair. Joining similar and dissimilar materials. Bonding of composites.

Part 3, Industry: General manufacturing industry. Building and construction: concrete. Building and construction: steel. Building and construction: timber. Aerospace. Automobiles. Boats and marine. Shoe industry. Medical applications. Electrical.


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