Solar Cells - Materials, Manufacture and Operation

Tom Markvart and Luis Castaner 
Elsevier  December 2004  

Hardback  496 pp  ISBN 9781856174572      £138.00
  • Internationally-respected contributors from industry and academia
  • A comprehensive source-book on all aspects of solar cells
The capture and use of solar energy has been growing for many years, but only in recent times have advances in design and manufacture allowed us to see the incorporation of solar energy as a significant player in the renewable energy arena.

Solar cells are at the heart of any photovoltaic system and in this book the various types are described and their characteristics reviewed.

Going beyond materials, design and function, Solar Cells also covers their testing, monitoring and calibration thus providing a comprehensive account of current activity in this important field of research and industry.

Of interest to solar cell manufacturers, R&D Depts, PV equipment manufacturers and installers, environmental engineers, consultants, academics


  • Introduction
  • crystalline silicon solar cells
  • thin film technologies
  • space and concentrator cells
  • organic and dye sensitized cells
  • testing, monitoring and calibration
  • appendices.

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