Bioremediation - Principles and Applications

Edited by Ronald L Crawford and Don L Crawford 
Cambridge University Press  September 2005  

Hardback  412 pp  ISBN 9780521470414      £90.00

Softcover  412 pp  ISBN 9780521019156      £46.00
Increased industrial and agricultural activity this century has led to vast quantities of the earth's soil and groundwater resources becoming contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Bioremediation provides a technology based on the use of living organisms, usually bacteria and fungi, to remove pollutants from soil and water, preferably in situ. This approach, which is potentially more cost-effective than traditional techniques such as incineration of soils and carbon filtration of water, requires an understanding of how organisms transform chemicals, how they survive in polluted environments and how they should be employed in the field. This book examines these issues for many of the most serious and common environmental contaminants, resulting in a volume which presents the most recent position on the application of bioremediation to the clean-up of polluted soil and water in the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Engineering of bioremediation processes
  • Bioremediation in soil: influence of soil properties on organic contaminants and bacteria
  • Biodegradation of 'BTEX' hydrocarbons under anaerobic conditions
  • Bioremediation of petroleum contamination
  • Bioremediation of environments contaminated by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Bioremediation of nitroaromatic compounds
  • A history of PCB biodegradation
  • Bioremediation of chlorinated phenols
  • Biodegradation of chlorinated aliphatic compounds
  • Microbial remediation of metals
  • Molecular techniques in bioremediation
  • Index.

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