Biopesticides of Plant Origin

Edited by Catherine Regnault-Roger, Bernard JR Philogène and Charles Vincent 
Lavoisier  2005  

Hardcover  310  ISBN 1898298971      £145.00
The environmental hazards resulting from half a century's intensive use of synthetic organic crop protection agents makes it imperative to consider alternative or complementary approaches to sustainable agricultural development and integrated pest management. Biopesticides of plant origin could be the key to the future. Indeed, in the past thirty years, advances in analytical chemistry and molecular biology have led to a better understanding of the interactions between plants (allelopathy), between plants and pests, and the communication mechanisms between organisms. These advances have also led to the discovery of plant resistance genes. Genetic engineering in plants promises to make a substantial impact on plant-parasite relationships. This multidisciplinary reference book presents an overview of the potential of new crop protection agents of plant origin and their place in integrated pest biocontrol. Their uses in crop protection formulations, the search for new supply sources, and current and future commercial developments are discussed. Written by 34 experts from nine countries on three continents (Africa, America, and Europe), the contributions in this book present an original approach never before published. Biopesticides of Plant Origin is especially designed for researchers, academics, advanced undergraduate and graduate students in science, agronomy, and veterinary school, and decision-makers involved in agricultural development and environmental protection. In addition, R&D principals in the agrochemical and crop protection industry will find data essential to their research work.

Contents cover
  • Botanicals: Yesterday's and Today's Promises.
  • New Insecticides of Plant Origin for the Third Millennium?
  • Phytochemical Discovery of New Botanical Insecticides.
  • Organic Chemistry's Contribution to the Understanding of Biopesticide Activity of Natural Products from Higher Plants.
  • Plant Natural Products as Synergists.
  • Sulfur Compounds Derived from Allium and Crucifers and their Potential Applications in Crop Protection.
  • The Role of Phytoecdysteroids in the Control of Phytophagous Insects.
  • Idioblast Oil Cells as a Source of New Botanical Products with Biological Activity.
  • Use of Secondary Plant Products to Protect the Seeds of a Legume, Cowpea.
  • Effects on Insect Pests and their Parasitoids.
  • Allelochemicals: Tomorrow's Herbicides?
  • The Role of Phenols in Plant Defense Mechanisms.
  • Nematicidal and Nematode-Resistant Plants.
  • Impact of Plant Proteins, Expressed in Transgenic Plants, on Beneficial Insects (Parasitoids and Pollinators).
  • Synthesis of Odorant Reception-Suppressing Agents, Odorant-Binding Proteins (OBPs) and
  • Chemosensory Proteins (CSPs):
  • Molecular Targets for Pest Management. Vegetable Oils and Monoterpenes in Agrochemical Formulations.
  • Problems and Opportunities for the Commercialization of Botanical Insecticides.
  • Appendix: Post-Harvest Systems and Biopesticides in Africa.
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