Wool: Science and technology

Edited by S W Simpson and G Crawshaw 
Woodehead  May 2002  

Hardback  384 pages  ISBN 9781855735743      £160.00
In this groundbreaking book leading experts within the industry come together to give the first comprehensive treatment of the science and technology of wool to be published in over 20 years.

The wool industry has been through a period of substantial change, with a major overhaul of trading methods, exciting innovations in wool-scouring and wool processing methods, and the development of modern technology reflecting a strong emphasis on environmental concerns and energy conservation. Research into wool science has continued to grow, and the technologist now has a better understanding of both the chemical and the physical properties of wool. Modern instruments can determine the structural differences between several types of wool proteins and how they interact, and this knowledge is leading to a deeper understanding of what can be done to create better products and more effective processes.

Wool: Science and technology is an essential reference resource for anyone involved in the worldwide wool industry whether as processor, manufacturer, or user for the garment and carpets trades.

Published in association with The Textile Institute


Wool production and fibre marketing
W S Simpson
- General introduction
- World wool production
- Wool harvesting
- Clip preparation
- Participants in the wool trade
- Wool sampling
- Fibre diameter
- Fibre length
- Wool colour
- Bulk testing
- Dark fibre contamination
- Specification of woolscour deliveries
- Computer blend selection
- Wool promotion
- The Fernmark brand
- Marketing of distinctive wool types

Wool scouring, carbonising and effluent treatment
L A Halliday
- Introduction
- Nature of contaminants
- Historical overview of scouring methods
- Unit operations
- Scouring chemistry
- Development of scouring systems
- Chemical treatments in woolscours
- Drying
- Solvent scouring
- Woolgrease and its recovery
- Effluent
- Process control and quality assurance
- Energy conservation

Fibre morphology
H Hocker
- IntroductionvGeneral chemical composition
- General chemical composition
- Composition and structure of morphological components of wood
- Outlook

Physical properties of wool; wool chemistry
J W S Hearle
- The wool fibre
- Effects of water
- Observed mechanical properties
- Structural mechanics
- Electrical properties
- Yarns and fabrics

Wool chemistry
W S Simpson
- General introduction
- Chemical Composition
- Degradation by radiation and heat
- Photobleaching and photoyellowing
- Absorption of acids
- Absorption of alkalis
- Dyeing with acid dyestuffs
- Acid, alkali and enzymic hydolysis
- Oxidation with peracids
- Chlorine-based oxidation
- Reduction
- Sulphitolysis
- Metal salts
- Miscellaneous reactions
- Crosslinking

Mechanical processing for yarn production
L Hunter
- Introduction
- Worsted processing system
- Preparation for spinning (drawing)
- Semi-worsted processing system
- Woollen processing system
- Spinning
- Twisting
- Winding, clearing and lubrication
- Yarn steaming (setting)
- Top dyeing

Chemical processes for enhanced appearance and performance
W S Simpson
- Introduction
- Bleaching
- Prevention of dyebath yellowing
- Insect-resist treatments
- Shrinkproofing
- Antistatic properties
- Flame-retardant wool
- Photostabilisers
- Stainblocking
- Multi-purpose finishes
- Polymer grafting
- Removal of vegetable matter by carbonising
- Setting

Practical wool dyeing
K Parton
- Introduction
- Dyestuff chemistry
- Dyeing of different substrate forms
- Classification of wool dyestuffs
- Commercial forms of dyestuffs
- Levelness
- Dyeing fibre blendsTreatments to improve colour fastness
- Treatments to improve colour fastness
- Environmental issues
- Fibre protection
- Summary

Manufacture of wool products
K Russell, D McDowell, I Ryder and C Smith
- Introduction
- Twisting
- Winding
- Warp preparation for weaving
- Weaving yarns
- Fabric design
- Weaving machinery
- Knitting and knitwear

Carpets, felts and nonwoven fabrics
G H Crawshaw and S J Russell
- Carpets
- Felts and nonwoven fabrics

S A Myers
- Finishing of woven fabrics
- Finishing of knitted fabrics
- Finishing of knitwear

Overview of global dynamics in the wool textile industry
P D F Kilduff
- Introduction
- Overview of trends in world textiles
- Factors shaping global integration in textiles
- Overview of trends in wool textile production and trade
- Factors behind the declining importance of wool and wool textiles
- Patterns of industry development and adjustment
- Outlook for the wool textile industry
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