Recent advances in environmentally compatible polymers: Cellucon '99 proceedings

Edited by J F Kennedy, G O Phillips and P A Williams 
Woodhead  October 2001  

Hardback  448 pages  ISBN 9781855735453      £190.00
Based on the proceedings of the eleventh international Cellucon conference held in Tsukuba, Japan, this book offers a comprehensive overview of recent research undetaken into all aspects of environmentally compatible polymers.

It deals with natural and synthetic polymer materials such as gels, fibres, pulp and paper, films, foams, blends and composites and shows how environmental compatibility such as biodegradability and recyclability can de developed by utlizing natural polymers such as polysaccharides and polyphenols.


Papers presented include:

An overview of the degradation of polyem materials
- Degradation of important polymer materials - an overview of basic reactions
Synthesis and derivitisation of biocompatible polymers
- Conjugated oligomers bearing furan and thiophene heterocycles: synthesis, characterisation and properties related to electronic conduction and luminescence
- Polyamides incorporating furan moieties. Novel structure and synthetic procedures
Production and use of biocompatible materials
- Improvement of alginate fiber mixing with phosphoryl polysaccharides
- Prepration of celllose visocse for various matrices
Biodegradable polyurethane-based polymers
- Biodegradable and highly resilient polyurethane foams from bark and starch
- Biodegradable polyurethanes derived from waste in the production of bean curd and beer
Analysis and characterisation of new polymers and materials
- Thermal and mechanical properties of cellulose acetates with various degrees of acetylation in dry and wet states
- DSC and TG studies on cellulose-based polycaprolactones
Bioengineering of new materials
- Celsol - modification of pine sulphahe paper grade pulp with Trichoderma Reesei cellulases for fibre spinning
- Effect of biodegradable plastics on the growth of Escherichia coli
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