Local environmental sustainability

Edited by S Buckingham and K Theobald 
Woodhead  February 2003  

Hardback  264 pages  ISBN 9781855736856      £150.00
The importance of local programmes in driving sustainable development has been enshrined in Local Agenda 21, arguably the most influential output of the 1992 Rio 'Earth' Summit. Its importance has been reiterated more recently by the Johannesburg Summit in 2002.

Local environmental sustainability sets the context for local environmental sustainability and, in particular, considers how local government can promote sustainable development by building partnerships with different groups and organisations in the local community. Using case studies, individual chapters focus on different types of regional and local initiatives, the partnerships that have made them possible, and the key issues in making them effective.

Local environmental sustainability provides a blueprint for both local governments and local communities to work together effectively for a more sustainable future.


Building alliances for local environmental sustainability
S Buckingham, Brunel University, UK and K Theobald, University of Northumbria, UK
- The context for local environmental sustainability
- Local Government
- The local state and local civil society: partnerships for environmental sustainability
- Local capacity building
- Structure of the book

Skeletal frameworks: Regional sustainable development frameworks and the issue of climate change
E Wilson, Oxford Brookes University, UK
- Interpretation of sustainable development
- Role of regions
- Climate change
- Climate change as a regional issue
- Purpose of RSDF's
- Partnership in RSDF preparation
- Treatment of climate change in RSDF's
- Skeletal frameworks
- Conclusion

Making the wrecker seem not all malevolent: Re-regulating the UK's china clay mining industry
P Pinch, South Bank University, UK
- The UK's planning regime for minerals development
- Re-regulating rural environments
- Re-regulating the UK's china clay industry
- Conclusion

Local Agenda 21 and the shift to 'soft governance'
B Evans and K Theobald, University of Northumbria, UK
- The evolution of LA21 in Europe
- Participation and civic engagement in local sustainable development policymaking
- Evaluating LA21: the nature and level of civil society engagement
- LASALA and 'soft governance'
- LA21, the 'integration of interests' and the move to 'soft governance'
- References

Combating social exclusion - focus groups, local empowerment and development: A Preston case study
M Clark, University of Central Lancashire, Uk and S Cox, Roger Tym and Partners, Manchester, UK
- Defining social exclusion
- Policy approaches to address social exclusion
- The Preston study
- Conclusions on the use of focus groups
- Further case study examples of the use of focus groups in policymaking
- Conclusions and wider questions

Retailing and sustainability: exploring connections using the example of a local town market
P Garside, A Hughes and K Lynch, Kingston University, UK
- Skewed meanings: neglecting sustainability
- Towards a new sustainable theory of consumption
- New approaches to old forms of retailing: the sustainable potential of street markets
- Kingston market - A sustainable market culture? Research themes: possibilities of a research agenda applying the working matrix
- Conclusion

Waste minimisation strategies
S Barr, University of Exeter, UK
- Municipal waste in England and Wales
- Individuals and sustainable waste management
- The importance of individuals: waste management in Exeter
- Policy recommendations
- Conclusion

Trading places: geography and the role of Local Exchange Trading Schemes in local sustainable development
T.J. Aldridge and A Patterson, Brunel University, UK and J Tooke, Goldsmiths College, UK
- 'Cranes, favours, harmonies and thanks': using LETS currencies
- LETS development in the UK
- LETS and sustainable development
- The case studies: Stroud and Hounslow LETS
- Case study 1: Stroud LETS
- Case study 2:- Hounslow LETS
- Conclusions

Allotments and community gardens: a DIY approach to environmental sustainability
S Buckingham, Brunel University, UK
- Benefits of allotments and community gardens
- Conclusions

Local economies, trade and global sustainability
P E Perkins, York University, Canada
- Economics and "local economies"
- Trade and community
- Self-limiting trade: theory
- Self-limiting trade: practice
- Toronto's local economy
- The potential of local economies
- Conclusions

Inequality and community: the missing dimensions of sustainable development
A Blowers, Open University, UK
- The discourse of sustainable development
- Political modernisation and the environment
- The environmental dimension of modernisation
- Alternative approaches
- Inequality and community in nuclear communities
- Environmental change - a new role for planning

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