Detecting pathogens in food

Edited by T McMeekin 
Woodhead Publishing  June 2003  

Hardback  384 pages  ISBN 9781855736702      £160.00

Identifying pathogens in food quickly and accurately is one of the most important requirements in food processing. The ideal detection method needs to combine such qualities as sensitivity, specificity, speed and suitability for on-line applications. Detecting pathogens in food brings together a distinguished international team of contributors to review the latest techniques in microbiological analysis and how they can best be used to ensure food safety.

Part 1 looks at general issues, beginning with a review of the role of microbiological analysis in food safety management. There are also chapters on the critical issues of what to sample and how samples should be prepared to make analysis effective, as well as how to validate individual detection techniques and assure the quality of analytical laboratories.

Part 2 discusses the range of detection techniques now available, beginning with traditional culture methods. There are chapters on electrical methods, ATP bioluminescence, microscopy techniques and the wide range of immunological methods such as ELISAs. Two chapters look at the exciting developments in genetic techniques, the use of biosensors and applied systematics.

Detecting pathogens in food will be a standard reference for all those concerned in ensuring the safety of food.


Microbiological analysis and food safety management: GMP and HACCP systems
C de W Blackburn, Unilver R & D, Colworth

Sampling techniques
D Legan and M Vandeven, Kraft Foods North America
Separation and concentration of samples
A Sharpe, Filtaflex Ltd, UK
Validating detection techniques
J Debevere and M Uyttendale, University of Gent, Belgium
Culture methods
P Stephens, Oxoid Ltd, UK
Electrical methods
D Gibson, BIODON International, UK
ATP bioluminescence
M Griffiths and L Brovko, Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety
Microscopy techniques: DEFT and flow cytometry
R Raybourne and M Tortello, US Food and Drug Administration
Immunological techniques: immunochromatography, enzyme linked immonoflourescent assays and agglunination techniques
C Baylis, Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association, UK
Immunological techniques: ELISA
J McCarthy, Unilever R & D Colworth, UK
Genetic techniques: PCR, NASBA, hybridisation and microarrays
K Sanderson and D Nichols, University of Tasmania, Australia
Genetic techniques: molecular subtyping methods
C Fitzgerald, A Sails and B Swaminathan, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
New biosensors for microbiological analysis of food
A Turner, Cranfield University, UK
The use of applied systematics to identify foodborne pathogens
M Uyttendaele and J Debevere, Ghent University, Belgium

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