Wheat Quality Elucidation: The Bushuk Legacy

Edited by Perry K. W. Ng and Colin W. Wrigley 
AACC Press  2002  

Hardcover  264 pages; 66 black and white illustrations  ISBN 1891127284      £90.00
Wheat Quality Elucidation: The Bushuk Legacy is based on The Bushuk Symposium held October 13, 2001, honoring the work of world-renowned cereal chemist, Dr. Walter Bushuk. Dr. Bushuk is internationally recognized as an innovator in the cereal chemistry industry. Through his investigations of wheat protein composition and its interaction with other flour components, Dr. Bushuk has been integral in improving wheat quality. His research, along with his history of mentoring aspiring cereal chemists, is celebrated in this tribute, Wheat Quality Elucidation: The Bushuk Legacy.

Topics include the latest advances in the chemistry of baking quality, very small-scale testing methods, new developments in image analysis and in ultrasound testing of quality, dough reheology, variety identification, and genetic manipulation of wheat quality, as well as biographical material about and an interview with Dr. Bushuk. The book emphasizes the international nature of the wheat industry with contributions from Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the U.K., and the U.S.A.

This essential source of information on wheat quality will be valuable to cereal chemists involved in wheat production, handling, processing, milling, baking, marketing and retailing; cereal chemistry students and researchers; wheat growers interested in grain quality and market potential for grain; food processors; wheat/plant breeders; or anyone interested in the important advances of Walter Bushuk and his colleagues.

Greetings from the AACC
Greetings from the ICC
Walter Bushuk: Cereal Chemist and Mentor, C.W. Wrigley, List of Publications of Walter Bushuk
A "Tree" of Scientists Mentored by Walter Bushuk, H.D. Sapirstein
Measuring the Influence of Wheat Protein in Breadmaking: from Damage Control to Genetic Manipulation of Protein Composition in Wheat, O.M. Lukow, K.R. Preston, B.M. Watts, L.J. Malcolmson and S. Cloutier
Grain-Protein Composition as a Document of Wheat-Quality Type: New Approaches to Varietal Identification, C.W. Wrigley and F. Bekes
Glutenin Size Distribution, Determined by Multi-Stacking SDS-PAGE: Relationship to Breadmaking Quality, K. Khan, J. Zhu, D.Y. Huang and R. Borneo
Efficient Testing of Wheat Quality at the Milligram or Megagram Level, F. Bekes and C.W. Wrigley
Wheat Bug Protease: A Protease Enzyme with Specific Activity for Gluten Proteins, D. Sivri and H. Köksel
Effects of Varietal and Technological Factors on Two Immunological Methods for Detecting Durum Wheat Pasta Adulterated with Common Wheat W. Obuchowski, A. Makowska, J. Michniewicz and Z. Kedzior
Endogenous Redox Enzymes in Wheat Flour: Relationship to End-Product Quality, K. Kobrehel, F. Jarraud and M.-P. Duviau
Puroindolines and Kernel Hardness in Wheat Species N. Pogna, L. Gazza, V. Corona, R. Zanier, A. Niglio, E. Mei, M. Palumbo and G. Boggini
Probing Gluten Interactions with Low-Intensity Ultrasound M.G. Scanlon, H.M. Elmehdi and J.H. Page
Exploring the Relationships Between Flour Protein Chemistry and Dough Rheological Properties, P.K.W. Ng and J.F. Steffe
Digital Image Analysis for Quality Assurance in the Wheat-to-Bread Supply Chain, M.G. Scanlon and H.D. Sapirstein
Wheat Quality: Antioxidant Activity of Wheat Millstreams L. Gao, S. Wang, B.D. Oomah and G. Mazza
Biochemical Studies of Puroindoline Proteins in Relation to the Endosperm Texture of Hexaploid Wheat: Walter Bushuk Student Award Paper, L. Day, D.G. Bhandari, P. Greenwell and J.D. Schofield
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