Wheat Flour

Edited by William A. Atwell 
Eagan Press  2001  

Softcover  144  ISBN 189112725X      £78.00
Wheat Flour is the tenth title in the Eagan Press Ingredient Handbook Series. Combining a user-friendly format with expert guidance, handbooks in this series are designed to meet the needs of professionals in many areas of the food industry. Each title focuses on an ingredient or application, giving information that is currently unavailable in a single source and presenting its subject in straightforward language.

Wheat Flour explains the basics about flour and provides practical advice relating to its uses in foods. The author gives special attention to the functionality of this ingredient in product applications. Easy-to-use tables and illustrations are provided in Flour making technical topics understandable to a broader audience.

Eagan Press Handbooks are valuable reference tools for a wide range of professionals, including: New Product Developers, Quality Assurance Staff, Purchasing Agents, Production Personnel, Plant Managers and Supervisors, Teachers, Students, Suppliers, Technical Sales Representatives, Engineers, Microbiologists, Food Scientists and Technologists

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Wheat Historical Perspective; Wheat Types; Growth Regions; General Uses; Kernel Structure; Germination and Growth; Wheat Production Problems; World Wheat Production and Marketing; Logistics; Wheat Standards; Wheat Storage Factor; Important to the Wheat Producer

Chapter 2: Milling Historical Perspective; Wheat Sourcing; Dry Milling; Process; Products; Milling of Soft Wheat, Hard Wheat, and Durum; Flour Storage; Wet Milling; Factors Important to the Miller

Chapter 3: Composition of Commercial Flour Fundamental Composition: Protein; Starch; Nonstarchy Polysaccharides; Lipids; Functionality of the Flour components: Gluten; Starch; Other Components; Flour Enzymes: Amylases; Proteases; Lipase and Lipoxygenase; Pentosanases; Phytase; Polyphenol Oxidase; Flour Additives: Enrichment; Oxidants; Reducing agents; Chlorination; Bleaching agents; Malt; Nutritional Aspects

Chapter 4: Wheat and Flour Testing Tests Exclusive to Wheat: Test Weight; Thousand-Kernel Weight; Kernel Hardness; Flour Yield; Color Tests: Pekar color (slick) test; Agtron color test; Odor Test; Basic Analyses: Moisture; Ash; Protein; pH; Enrichment Detection; Semolina Granulation; Flour Performance Test: Farinograph; Mixograph; Extensigraph; Alveograph; Gluten Washing Tests; Alkaline Water Retention

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