A librarian's guide to the internet: searching and evaluating information

Jeanne Froidevaux Muller 
Chandos  October 2003  

Paperback  200pp  ISBN 1843340550      £39.00
Librarians constantly conduct searches for their customers (and for their own use). However, the Internet and the technology are constantly changing. There is therefore a great challenge for librarians to keep up-to-date with how best to use the Internet. This book helps them achieve that goal. It covers for example: how to search in order to achieve the best results (strategies, what to ask and examples) and interpreting results (including examples). Importantly, not only does the book show how to use the Internet, but it also links this to perfect customer service - how to teach your customers what you know and how to properly interpret what your customers want.

The book is aimed at all librarians and informational professionals: in the academic, public and private sectors. It will be of interest to both large and small libraries.


  • Introduction
  • Basis of confidence the Internet as a tool and not something to be afraid of
  • Data Information Knowledge
  • How to search simple strategies; what to ask; examples
  • Interpreting results including examples
  • Maintaining a link list on your browser
  • How to teach your customers what you know and how to know what your customers want
  • Perfect customer service
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