Dietary Fibre: Bio-active Carbohydrates for Food and Feed

Edited by N.-G. Asp, J. Miller Jones, G. Schaafsma, and J.W. van der Kamp 
AACC Press  2003  

Hardcover  358pp  ISBN 9076998329      £90.00
The growing attention for healthy eating, intestinal health, combating major disorders such as obesity and diabetes and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, has resulted in an increased output of R&D on dietary fibre and related carbohydrates. In recent years, hundreds of new products have been launched annually with claims regarding their fibre content. Existing and new fibres are also increasingly incorporated in products for specific target groups, such as babies, farm animals, pets, and for clinical nutrition.

New research tools and insights are enabling researchers to obtain a much better insight in the mechanisms of action of bio-active carbohydrates. These include new analytical methods, model systems to measure the impact of fibre on processes in the gastrointestinal tract and the identification and measurement of new biomarkers, for example markers related to satiety. These insights and tools, as well as the emerging genomics toolbox, will significantly contribute to R&D on ingredients and products aiming at imparting significant health benefits. In this book invited expert scientists of leading research groups all over the world address these issues. In addition, consumer views on dietary fibre are discussed as well as issues on definition of dietary fibre and new developments in the field of health claims. Dietary Fibre Bio-active Carbohydrates for Food and Feed covers the most up-to-date research available on dietary fibre and will be an indispensable tool for all scientists involved in research and development in this field.

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