Credible Communications: Low-calorie Sweeteners after 1992

Edited by S G Lisansky and Lresley Yeomans 
CPL Press  1992  

softcover  132pp.  ISBN 1872691757      £15.00
Communication in all its forms was on the agenda for this (1992) Annual Conference, of the International Sweeteners Association. It discussed one the most important aspects of the responsibilities of the ISA and of industry, that is - effective and credible communication. Participants heard the views of a professional dietitian and a professional journalist on the type of messages they expect and what industry and the ISA might do to get those messages across most effectively. An American professor, an expert in the skills of communication, told the Conference just how complicated credible communication could be, with dozens of details to be considered to help ensure the message is heard and, above all, is credible. The first results of several new consumption surveys were reported. Preliminary data from the ISA-sponsored study of Danish food consumption suggests that the Danes use low-calorie sweeteners well within approved levels. An extensive comparative study of the use of "light' and low-calorie products in the US, UK, France and Germany shows that relatively few of those using these products are 'on a diet'; a very large majority see them as part of their regular, normal diet. The Conference was also updated on the current status of European legislation on food and sweeteners in particular, including some possible impacts of the concept of 'subsidiarity' resulting from the Maastricht Treaty. More consumer choice and continuously improving low-calorie products will be one of the many positive results of the completion of new legislation.

Theses activities are reported in these proceedings in 8 papers covering regulations, claims, labelling, consumer information, exposing food myths, industry information centres, consmption studies and consumer surveys.
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