Discharge your obligations - Cost effetive application of new technology in the landfill industry

K E Hall and J Coombs 
CPL Press  1993  

Softcover  422pp  ISBN 1872691064      £25.00
These papers constitute the proceedings of a conference held at Kenilworth, Warwickshire in November 1993. The purpose of this conference was to bring together representatives of landfill operators, regulatory authorities and companies offering technical support to landfill in order to identify and discuss issues in both legislation and technology. Special emphasis was placed on technical advances offering new solutions to old problems that require experience and understanding for successful application. This is highlighted by the subtitle: Cost Effective Application of New Technology in the Landfill Industry.

The prime objective of this Discharge Your Obligations (DYO) Conference, was as previously, is to provide a venue for contentious issues to be openly debated without hinderance. Knowing the nature of the real debate can often lead to substantial benefits for operators seeking to find their way through the mass of new legislation and solutions. With ever increasing expectations from the public and from regulatory authorities, the use of improved technical solutions for waste management, newly available in the market place, was essential. Choices extended to both equipment and scientific techniques. Considering advances in these fields and assessing how they might assist in the pursuit of better standards, within a realistic commercial framework, was the principal theme of this year's conference.

This conference addressed the topic of Change as a major issue. Contributions were received from Canada, the USA, Poland, the Netherlands and Denmark. Topics covered included waste disposal alternatives, landfill liners, landfill gas utilization, international case studies, leachate treatment options and monitoring.

This proved to be the last conference in the series, a few copies of the proceedings from previous meetings are also available.

Sessions covered:

    Policy, quality and risk
    Physical, chemical and biochemical processes in landfills
    Optimisation of landfill space
    Landfill containment
    Non-fossil fuel obligations
    Understanding leachate
    Technologies of the future
    Leachate treatment
    Landfill gas utilisation
    Toxic emissions from landfill gas flares
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