Cheesemaking : from science to quality assurance (2 ed)

Edited by Andre Eck and Jean-Claude Gillis 
Lavoisier  1999  

Hardcover  900pp  ISBN 1898298653      £290.00
First published in English twelve years ago, Cheesemaking quickly became a major reference worldwide. Now, revised and expanded, this unrivalled second edition reflects French know-how about traditional methods and new processes. The book deals with all types of milk covering both scientific and production perspectives ranging from biochemistry and chemistry, to biology, biotechnology, and technology. Each topic is written by a top expert in the field taken from industry, R&D, and the teaching profession.

This new edition contains the most recent data on cheesemaking with the contents featuring the key issues facing the industry, namely, quality assurance, hygiene, chemical and microbial purity and deals with the following topics:

General mechanisms of the conversion of milk into cheese
The casein micelle and milk coagulation
The drainage of coagulum
Water activity and cheese salting
The biochemistry of ripening
Preparation of the curd
Milk transforming agents
Cheesemaking milk
Physical properties of the coagulum
Comparisons in the processing of different types of curd
Curd transfer (concentration of milk solids)
Cheese ripening
Microbial phenomena
Comparing ripening technology of the various types of cheeses
Physical and sensory properties of cheese
Cheese defects
Cheese manufaturing accidents and cheese defects
The packaging and storage of cheeses
General principles
Packaging and wrapping materials
Pre-packaging of ripened cheeses
Main manufacturing equipment
Cheesemaking equipment
Design, setting up and use of premises
General operations
Processed cheese
The product called cheese
What is cheese? Cheese in the diet
Hygiene aspects
Cheese yield
Evaluation and measurement
Sensory analysis of cheese (scientific aspect)
Chemical and microbiological controls
Definitions of cheese and standardisation
Quality assurance
Definitions: quality assurance certification
The quality assurance process
Overview - Company organisation
Appendix. Worldwide production and exchange of cheese.
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