The Cambridge Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms

Edited by Michael Hickey and Clive King 
Cambridge University Press  2000  

Paperback  220pp 127 figures  ISBN 9780521794015      £35.00
This beautifully illustrated glossary comprises over 2400 botanical and horticultural terms commonly used to describe vascular plants, defined in clear and simple language. These are cross referenced to accurate and clearly labelled line drawings. Grouped together in a section of over 120 large format pages, the illustrations also provide a unique compilation of information that can be referred to independently of the definitions. It will be of value to anyone grappling with botanical terms, whether student, professional or hobbyist. The contents include a Foreward, Acknowledgements, Preface, Notes to readers, Symbols, Prefixes (general), Prefixes (numerical), Suffixes, Measurements, Taxonomic ranks and the Glossary (Part I). This is followed by Part II that contains the illustrations, grouped as follows:

  • Roots, storage organs and vegetative reproduction
  • Seeds and seedlings
  • Growth and life forms
  • General features of flowering plants
  • Plant features and responses
  • Leaf-like structures and other vegetative features
  • Leaves
  • Hairs and scales
  • Floral features
  • Flower structure
  • Features of certain plant families
  • Fruits
  • Conifers and conifer allies
  • Ferns and fern allies.

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