Nutrient Acquisition by Plants - An Ecological Perspective

Edited by Hormoz BassiriRad 
Springer  2005  

Hardcover  XVIII + 347 pp  ISBN 9783540241867      £144.00
Volume 181 in the series Ecological Studies explains how adaptation and evolution of terrestrial plants depend, to a large extent, on their ability to acquire nutrients. This is a modern and integrative treatment of the mechanisms controlling plant nutrient uptake and how plants respond to changes in the environment. The following key topics are covered:
  • soil nutrient bioavailability
  • root responses to variations in nutrient supply
  • nitrogen fixation
  • regulation of nutrient uptake by internal plant demand
  • root characteristics
  • kinetics of nutrient uptake
  • root architecture
  • life span
  • mycorrhizae
  • responses to climate change
This integrated view provides an understand of the mechanisms that govern present-day plant communities and is an indispensable aid to development of models designed to predict the response of plants to a changing climate.

Written for researchers and advanced students.
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