Interfacial Nanochemistry - Molecular Science and Engineering at Liquid/Liquid Interfaces

Edited by Hitoshi Watarai, Norio Teramae and Tsugo Sawada 
Springer  2005  

Hardcover  XIV + 321 pp.  ISBN 9780306485275      £92.00
Published in the series Nanostructure Science and Technology this is the first book to feature interfacial nanochemistry of liquid/liquid interfaces, which is a new boundary field between analytical chemistry, colloid and surface chemistry, electrochemistry, laser spectroscopy, separation engineering, and interfacial organic synthesis. The liquid/liquid interface is a very general subject of interest both to pure and industrial chemists, especially those involved in research on solvent extraction of metal ion and organic compounds, interfacial synthesis, and microscale analysis. This book provides deep insight into the nature of the liquid/liquid interface and the kind of reactions that can take place there.

Of interest to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and industrial scientists in the fields of colloidal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, interfacial science, electrochemistry, separaton chemistry and physical organic chemistry.
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