Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity

Edited by M Markussen, R Buse, H Garrelts, M A Manez Costa, S Menzel and R Marggraf. 
Springer  2005  

Hardcover  XXX + 430 pp.  ISBN 9783540240228      £162.00
Subtitled Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Convention on Biological Diversity, the goal of this trans-disciplinary book is to identify the problems and challenges facing implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) from the global, regional and local points of view. The valuation and conservation of biodiversity constitute critical first steps necessary for the adequate protection of the environment. The authors give insights into the current trends in this field and on the influences the CBD exerts. Of interest to scientists, researchers and professsionals.

Brief summary of Contents

Part I - Global and general perspectives on the Convention on Biological Diversity

    Global Conservation of Biodiversity from an Economic Point of View, Rainer Marggraf
    Financial support for biodiversity protection in developing countries does the CBD mechanism lead to an appropriate level of biodiversity protection?, SusanneMenzel
    The Cartagena Protocol: trade related measures as a means to protect biological diversity from risks deriving from genetically modified organisms, Alexander Behrens
    Policy Windows for the Declaration of Protected Areas - A Comparative Case Study of East Germany and Guatemala, Heiko Garrelts, Regina Birner, Heidi Wittmer
    Will companies engage in the conservation of biodiversity? A prototypical model of aggregated probiodiverse actions of industrial companies, Ralph Buse
Part II - Local, regional and nationwide perspectives on the Convention on Biological Diversity
    Problems and Prospects of the Conservation of Biodiversity in Germany, Matthias Schaefer
    The Designation of National Parks in German Nature Conservation Law, Tobias Hellenbroich
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