Plant Analysis Procedures

Edited by Erwin J.M Temminghoff and Victor J.G. Houba 
Springer  2004  

Hardcover  X + 179 pp  ISBN 9781402027697      £76.00
This manual is intended for the practising chemist who has to do a job in analysing plant material. Therefore, the manual contains detailed procedures without any comment. The procedures described are for determination of the inorganic components that most frequently occur in plants. Most procedures are designed to give a total content value of the element under consideration, regardless of the chemical structure in which it occurs in the plant.

The manual is designed with all digestion procedures described in one chapter, all extraction procedures in the second chapter and all determination procedures in a third. To obtain the required result a suitable digestion method is chosen and then used in combination with the required determination technique that is indicated within each individual determination procedure.

For determination of the elements, mainly spectrometric techniques are used. Depending on the kind of element and the expected concentration level, the following methods may be applied:

    flame atomic emission spectrometry (flame AES)
    flame atomic absorption spectrometry (flame AAS)
    inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICPOES)
    electrothermal atomisation (graphite furnace) atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAAS)
    inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS)
    spectrophotometry and segmented flow analysis (SFA).
In addition, potentiometry (ion selective electrodes (ISE)) and coulometry are also introduced where required. In many cases, more than one method is described for determination of a specific component. Such alternative methods may be used to provide a reference, or as an alternative in case of instrumental or analytical problems.
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