Wild Urban Woodlands - New Perspectives for Urban Forestry

Edited by Ingo Kowarik and Stefan Körner 
Springer  2005  

Hardcover  XV + 299 pp.  ISBN 9783540239123      £117.00
Urban landscapes formerly shaped by heavy industry are evolving all over the world. The associated processes enhance the evolution of a new kind of wilderness. In regions such as the German Ruhrgebiet, vast postindustrial areas have already been recolonised naturally by forests. These new types of urban woodlands are often overlooked by ecologists, foresters and planners. The book provides a first concise overview of ecological features and potential social functions of this new kind of urban wilderness. The general chapters provide introductions and conceptual approaches from the perspectives of ecology, environmental sociology, forestry, nature conservation and landscape architecture. They are illustrated by a broad array of case studies from England, Germany and Japan. Written for scientists in the field of forestry, nature conservation, landscape ecology as well as landscape, regional and municipal planners.
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