Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Water: Science in the Real World

Edited by Calabrese, Edward J.; Kostecki, Paul T.; Dragun, James 
Springer  2005  

Hardcover  XXV plus 611 pp  ISBN 9780387230368      £87.00
Contaminated Soils Volume 9 contains 38 technical papers, covering a wide range of environmental issues. It is divided into the following sections:
    Part I Bioremediation;
    Part II Chemical Oxidation;
    Part III Heavy Metals;
    Part IV MTBE;
    Part V Phytoremediation;
    Part VI Radiation;
    Part VII Regulatory and Legal issues;
    Part VIII Remediation;
    Part IX Risk Based Cleanup; and
    Part X Site Assessment.
Contributing authors to this volume are from government agencies, academic institutions, the consulting community and industrial companies. This important volume documents the state of environmental science and provides perspective on developments in the contaminated land industry and shows how increased scientific, engineering and consulting alliances and collaboration is driving our efforts forward.
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