The Hydrogen Energy Transition - Moving Toward the Post Petroleum Age in Transportation

Daniel Sperling, James Cannon 
Academic Press  2004  

Hardback  266pp  ISBN 9780126568813      £42.00
  • Presentations by the world's leaders in government, industry and academia
  • Real-world solutions for the world's current fuel crisis.
  • Endorsed by the University of California Transportation Center and Transportation Research Board

The focus of this text is to address key questions with regard to the transition to hydrogen fuel to satisfy the world's rapidly growing need for alternative fuel options. The initiatives set forth in this text will mold the research, development and education efforts that will change the practice of fuel consumption in the near future.


Chapter 1: Introduction & Overview
Chapter 2: Back from the Future: To Build Strategies Taking Us to a Hydrogen Age
Chapter 3: Prospecting the Future for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Markets
Chapter 4: Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles: The Challenge for the Future
Chapter 5: Where Will the Hydrogen Come From? System Considerations & Hydrogen Supply
Chapter 6: Clean Hydrogen from Coal with CO2 Capture and Sequestration
Chapter 7: Doing Good by Doing Well: Entrepreneurship in the Hydrogen Transition
Chapter 8: Hydrogen from Electrolysis
Chapter 9: The President's US Hydrogen Initiative
Chapter 10: The Hydrogen Transition: A California Perspective
Chapter 11: US Hydrogen Activity - A Reflection from the European Perspective
Chapter 12: Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Alternative Fuels Experience 1988 to 2003
Chapter 13: Lessons Learned in the Deployment of Alternative Fueled Vehicles
Chapter 14: Understanding the Transition to New Fuels and Vehicles: Lessons Learned from Experience of Alternative Fuel and Hybrid Vehicles
Chapter 15: The "Chicken or Egg" Problem Writ Large: Why a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Focus is Premature
Chapter 16: The Case for Battery Electric Vehicles
Epilogue: Hydrogen Hope or Hype

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