Coastal Processes with Engineering Applications

Robert G. Dean, Robert A. Dalrymple 
Cambridge University Press  2004  

Paperback  487 pp, 270 diags, 20 illus, 20 tabs  ISBN 9780521602754      £42.00

The world's coastlines, dividing land from sea, are geological environments that are unique in their composition and the physical processes affecting them. At the dynamically active intersection of land and the oceans, humans have been building structures throughout history. Initially used for naval and commercial purposes, more recently recreation and tourism have increased activity in the coastal zone dramatically. Shoreline development is now causing a significant conflict with natural coastal processes. This text on coastal engineering will help the reader understand these coastal processes and develop strategies to cope effectively with shoreline erosion. The book is organized in four parts: (1) an overview of coastal engineering, using case studies to illustrate problems; (2) hydrodynamics of the coastal zone, reviewing storm surges, water waves, and low frequency motions within the nearshore and surf zone; (3) coastal responses including equilibrium beach profiles and sediment transport; (4) applications such as erosion mitigation, beach nourishment, coastal armoring, tidal inlets, and shoreline management.


Part I. Introduction to Coastal Processes: 1. Overview; 2. Sediment characteristics; 3. Long-term processes; Part II. Hydrodynamics of the Coastal Zone: 4. Tides and storm surges; 5. Waves and wave-induced hydrodynamics; Part III. Coastal Response: 6. Field measurement techniques and analysis; 7. Equilibrium beach profiles; 8. Sediment transport; 9. Miscellaneous coastal features; 10. Modeling of beaches and shorelines; Part IV. Shoreline Modification and Analysis: 11. Beach fill and soft engineering structures; 12. Hard engineering structures; 13. Tidal inlets; 14. Shoreline management.


'The book's presentation is of high standard. It can be utilized as a textbook on coastal processes and coastal engineering. The authors, who have devoted a lot of time in conducting research in coastal engineering, deserve to be congratulated on their achievement.'

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