Barn Owls: Predator-Prey Relationships and Conservation

Iain Taylor 
Cambridge University Press  2004  

Softcover  320 pages 93 diags 48 illus 7 tables  ISBN 9780521545877      £37.00
When seen hunting over a meadow, barn owls have an ethereal grace and beauty that can be matched by no other bird. The barn owl has an almost global distribution and has lived in close proximity to humans since settlement and farming created the forest clearings needed for hunting and places in which to nest. However, in many countries, barn owl numbers are falling rapidly. This book explores the relationships between barn owls and their prey worldwide, and demonstrates how an understanding of such relationships can help in the conservation of the species. In this comprehensive account, Iain Taylor describes the biology and ecology of this species, including the factors affecting breeding success, and causes of mortality affecting the final recruitment of new birds into the population. He concludes by suggesting ways in which we can manage and conserve this beautiful bird for the future.


"This book deserves to be read, not just by those willing to take active steps to help but also by anyone wanting to know more about this beautiful bird."
British Birds

"This has to be the most detailed book on Barn Owls that has been written. The text is easy to read, the arguments well developed and the artwork stunning."
Mike Toms, BTO News

"This is an excellent book, which reviews some of the main topics in ornithology as well as providing a detailed account of Barn Owl biology."
The Ibis

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Autumn 2004 : Cambridge University Press : animal science : biodiversity : ecology : environmental protection

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