Weed Science - Principles and Practices, 4th Edition

Monaco, Thomas J.; Weller, Stephen C.; Ashton, Floyd M. 
John Wiley & Sons  2002  

Hardcover  XII, 672 Pages  ISBN 9780471370512      £120.00
A host of developments--including an increased usage of low-till crop systems; environmental concerns about both the run-off of agrochemicals and soil conservation; and the need for better weed control in non-agricultural settings--have all combined to create a need for this major revision of the widely used, basic reference first pioneered by Glen C. Klingman and Floyd M. Ashton. This edition brings the outstanding coverage of previous editions up to date with current principles and practices in the field.

From the contents



Introduction to Weed Science.

Weed Biology and Ecology.

Integrated Weed Management.

Herbicide Registration and Environmental Impact.

Herbicides and the Plant.

Herbicides and the Soil.

Formulations and Application Equipment.


Chemistry and Classification of Herbicides by Mechanism of Action.

Photosystem II Inhibitors.

Pigment Inhibitors.

Membrane Disruptors.

Cell Growth Disruptors and Inhibitors.

Cellulose Biosynthesis Inhibitors.

Growth Regulators Herbicdes.

Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitors.

Inhibitors of Amino Acid Biosynthewsis.

Miscellaneous Herbicides.

Herbicide Resistance in Crops and Weeds.


Small Grains and Flax.

Field Crops Grown in Rows.

Small Seeded Legumes.

Vegetable Crops.

Fruit and Nut Crops.

Lawn, Turf and Ornamentals.

Pastures and Rangelands.

Brush and Undesirable Tree Control.

Aquatic Weed Control.

Industrial Vegetation Management.

Diagnosis of Herbicide Injury.

Weed Science in the Future.



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