Soil Erosion - Processes, Prediction, Measurement, and Control

Edited by Toy, Terrence J.; Foster, George R.; Renard, Kenneth G. 
John Wiley & Sons  July 2002  

Hardcover  352 Pages  ISBN 9780471383697      £110.00
The complex interplay among organic and inorganic solids, air, water, microorganisms, and plant roots in soil is the subject of Soil Chemistry, a reference pivotal to understanding soil processes and problems. New to the Third Edition is an enhanced emphasis on soil solution chemistry and expanded coverage of phosphate chemistry and the chemical principles of the aqueous phase. Complete with SI units and end-of-chapter study questions, Soil Chemistry is an excellent introductory resource for students and professionals studying this crucial topic.

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1. Introduction.

Physical and Economic Significance of Erosion.

Social Significance of Erosion.

Soil-Erosion Research.

Terminology of Erosion.

Development of Landscapes: A Context for Erosion.


Suggested Readings.

2. Primary Factors Influencing Soil Erosion.

Water Erosion.

Wind Erosion.

Integrated Site Perspective.


Suggested Readings.

3. Types of Erosion.

Water Erosion.

Wind Erosion.

Links between Wind and Water Erosion.

Mechanical Movement of Soil.


Suggested Readings.

4. Erosion Processes.

Basic Principles Common to Water and Wind Erosion.

Water Erosion.

Wind Erosion.


Suggested Readings.

5. Erosion-Prediction Technology.

Fundamentals of Erosion-Prediction Technology.

Elements of Erosion-Model Mathematics.

Types of Mathematical Erosion Models.

Other Types of Erosion Models.

Steps in Developing an Erosion Model.

Choosing a Model.

Sensitivity Analysis.


Suggested Readings.

6. Erosion Measurement.

Reasons to Measure Erosion.

Types of Erosion Measurement.

Erosion-Measurement Practices.

Selected Measurement Techniques.

Evaluation of Erosion Measurement.


Suggested Readings.

7. Erosion and Sediment Control.

Principles of Erosion and Sediment Control.

Examples of Water-Erosion-Control Practices.

Control of Concentrated-Flow Erosion.

Sediment Control.

Wind-Erosion Control.


Suggested Readings.

8. Land Conservation.

Public Conservation Programs.

Conservation Planning.

Technical Tools for Conservation Planning.

Local Soil Conservation Planning for On-Site Erosion and Sediment Control.

Conservation Planning by Governmental Units.

Lessons from the U.S. Conservation Movement.

Suggested Readings.

9. Perspectives and the Future.

Essential Lessons.

Future for Soil Conservation.


Appendix A: Soils.

Soil Properties.

Sediment Properties.

Sources of Information.

Suggested Readings.

Appendix B: Hydrology.


Water Storage.

Infiltration Process.

Runoff Process.

Evaporation and Transpiration Processes.

Sources of Information.

Suggested Readings.

Appendix C: Soil Erosion Web Sites.



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