Pesticide Residues in Food and Drinking Water - Human Exposure and Risks

Edited by Hamilton, Denis, Crossley, Stephen 
John Wiley & Sons  November 2003  

Hardcover  378 Pages  ISBN 9780471489917      £185.00
It is extremely rare that the research into the elements of risk assessment (dietary exposure and toxicity are reported together. This book not only combines these, but also positions them within the broader picture, which includes environmental fate of pesticides, identification of the exact nature of the residues and the international standards for acceptable levels of food pesticide residues in food and water.
  • The subjects covered reflect the increasing concerns over food safety and risks to humans
  • It takes an international approach with contributors from the EU, US and Australia.

    From the contents


    Series Preface.


    1. Introduction (Denis Hamilton and Stephen Crossley).

    2. Environmental Fate of Pesticides and the Consequences for Residues in Food and Drinking Water (Jack Holland and Phil Sinclair).

    3. Pesticide Metabolism in Crops and Livestock (Michael W. Skidmore and € Arp€ad Ambrus).

    4. Effects of Food Preparation and Processing on Pesticide Residues in Commodities of Plant Origin (Gabriele Timme and Birgitt Walz-Tylla).

    5. Toxicological Assessment of Agricultural Pesticides (Mike Watson).

    6. Diets and Dietary Modelling for Dietary Exposure Assessment (J. Robert Tomerlin and Barbara J. Petersen).

    7. Chronic Intake (Les Davies, Michael O'Connor and Sheila Logan).

    8. Acute Intake (Kim Z. Travis Denis Hamilton, Les Davies, Matthew O'Mullane and Utz Mueller).

    9. Natural Toxicants as Pesticides (John A. Edgar).

    10. International Standards: The International Harmonization of Pesticide Residue Standards for Food and Drinking Water (Wim H. Van Eck).

    11. Explaining the Risks (Sir Colin Berry).


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