Environmental Impact Assessment - Practical Solutions to Recurrent Problems

Lawrence, David P. 
John Wiley & Sons  October 2003  

Hardcover  562 Pages  ISBN 9780471457220      £102.00
This book challenges the prevailing assumption that Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) should be structured around a unitary EIA process. The book begins by identifying, through a scenario, eight recurrent problems in EIA practice. The characteristics of multiple variations of conventional EIA processes, at both the regulatory and applied levels, are then presented. The residual problems that remain after the conventional processes are described and assessed providing the springboard for a description and analysis of eight alternative EIA processes.

From the contents


1. Introduction.

2. Conventional EIA Processes.

3. How to Make EIAs More Rigorous.

4. How to Make EIAs More Rational.

5. How to Make EIAs More Substantive.

6. How to Make EIAs More Practical.

7. How to Make EIAs More Democratic.

8. How to Make EIAs More Collaborative.

9. How to Make EIAs More Ethical.

10. How to Make EIAs More Adaptive.

11. How to Connect and Combine EIA Processes.



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