Non-destructive Food Evaluation, Techniques to Analyze Properties and Quality

Edited by Sundaram Gunasekaran 
CRC Press  2000  

Hardback  440 pages, illustrated  ISBN 9780824704537      £145.00
This book describes optical, magnetic, ultrasonic, mechanical, and biological nondestructive evaluation techniques for online automatic control of food quality evaluation, including x-ray tomography. It presents current advances in computer vision, x-ray imaging, ultrasonics, biosensors, and data analysis.


  • Optical methods - visible, NIR, and FTIR spectroscopy;
  • computer vision;
  • DLE and fluorescence;
  • X-ray imaging;
  • nuclear magnetic resonance techniques;
  • ultrasonics;
  • firmness measurement methods;
  • linear viscoelastic methods;
  • biosensors;
  • data analysis and control.
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