Ecology and Management of Forest Soils - 3rd Edition

Fisher, Richard F.; Binkley, Dan 
John Wiley & Sons  2000  

Hardcover  XVIII, 490 Pages  ISBN 9780471194262      £125.00
Forest soils are the foundation of the entire forest ecosystem. Not only do soil fungi and bacteria decompose dead plant material, recycling their nutrients, forest soils are also key to protecting water quality. Yet forest soils are fragile, and understanding their unique properties is essential to preserving forest ecology.

This revised and updated Third Edition details the distinctive features of forest soils-the factors that set them apart from other types of soils-with an international perspective that includes a discussion of the tropical rainforest soils of Latin America and the boreal forest soils of Siberia. Separate chapters discuss the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of forest soils as well as soil organic matter, roots, and biogeochemistry.

The book also touches on the practical management aspects such as nutrition management, site preparation techniques, soils for nursery and seed orchard operation, soil acidity, and techniques for sustaining and improving long-term soil productivity.

From the contents

Forest Soils and Vegetation Development.

Soils of the Major Forest Biomes.

Physical Properties of Forest Soils.

Soil Chemistry and Nutrient Uptake.

Biology of Forest Soils.

Soil Organic Matter.

Soils and Roots.

Forest Biogeochemistry.

Fire Effects.

Forest Soil Classification.

Nutrition Management: Nutrient Limitations.

Nutrition Management: Fertilization.

Nutrition Management: Biological Nitrogen Fixation.

Forest Soil Management.

Long-Term Soil Productivity.



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