Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology - 4th Edition

Porteous, Andrew 
John Wiley & Sons  April 2008  

Softcover  824 pages  ISBN 9780470061954      £27.00

This superb and highly-acclaimed dictionary includes over 4000 in-depth entries on scientific and technical terminology associated with environmental protection and resource management. In addition, it contains numerous illustrations, a wide range of international case studies and extensive cross-references to guide the reader. The new edition will be a major update with 30% new material, additional illustrations and a greatly expanded list of relevant web resources.

As concern for the environment continues to grow, the need to consider the environmental impacts for any industrial activity, is now taken for granted. Environmental science has become an interdisciplinary subject dealing with elements of ecology, chemistry, economics, engineering, biochemistry, politics and sociology. This clearly presented and thoroughly comprehensive Dictionary, is indispensable to all those concerned with the world's environment.

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