Demography In Ecotoxicology

Edited by Kammenga, Jan Edward; Laskowski, Ryszard 
John Wiley & Sons  October 2000  

Hardcover  XX, 298 Pages  ISBN 9780471490029      £185.00
The impact of toxicants on populations is mediated through effects on various life-history traits at the individual level. In order to adequately assess the potential impact of toxic stress on populations and to obtain insight into underlying physiological mechanisms, development of a theoretical framework is of great importance. Demographic theory provides an essential tool for reaching these objectives.

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List of Contributors.
Series Foreword
Demographic Approaches in Ecotoxicology: State of the Art (J. Kammenga R. Laskowski)
The Toxicologists' and Ecologists' Point of View-Unification through a Demographic Approach (J. Stark J. Banks)
Demographic Changes
Dynamic Effects of Compounds on Animal Energetics and Their Population Consequences (B. Kooijman J. Bedaux)
Life Table Response Experiments in Ecotoxicology (H. Caswell)
Stochastic and Density-dependent Models in Ecotoxicology (R. Laskowski)
Effects of Heavy Metals on the Badger Meles meles: Interaction between Habitat Quality and Fragmentation (C. Klok, et al.)
Cadmium and Zinc Accumulation and Its Demographic Effects in Invertebrates (P. Kramarz)
Small Mammal Response at Population and Community Level to Heavy Metal Pollution (Pb, Cd, Tl) (K. Dmowski, et al.)
Evolution in Polluted Environments
Evolution in Toxic Environments: Quantitative Versus Major Gene Approaches (R. Woods A. Hoffmann)
Review of Experimental Evidence for Physiological Costs of Tolerance to Toxicants (N. van Straalen A. Hoffmann)
Multi-generation Effects at the Population Level: Fitness Maximisation and Optimal Allocation in a Nematode (J. Kammenga, et al.)
Optimal Allocation, Life History and Heavy Metal Accumulation: a Dynamic Programming Model (M. Janczur, et al.)
Preadapted Populations in Metal-polluted Environments (A. Rozen)
Relationships between Enzymatic Response and Animal Population Demography in Polluted Environments (P. Migula)
Tissue Changes in Animals and Their Population Effects (R. wiergosz)
Open Problems and Recommendations for Risk Assessment
Demographic Approaches in Ecotoxicology-Open Problems (J. Kammenga R. Laskowski)
Implications for Ecological Risk Assessment: The Risk Quotient Life-cycle Approach (J. Kammenga)

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