Cycles of Soils - Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Micronutrients

Stevenson, F. J.; Cole, M. A. 
John Wiley & Sons  1999  

Hardcover  XVIII, 428 Pages  ISBN 9780471320715      £125.00
The chemical composition of the soil and fertilizers, and the way in which plants and microorganisms interact with the soil and soil microorganisms can be prime determinants of crop production. Indeed, the cycles of these chemical elements are basic components of understanding all ecosystems. This book, a companion volume to Stevenson's Humus Chemistry provides an exhaustive overview of the inorganic chemical activity taking place in soil.

From the contents

The Carbon Cycle.

Soil Carbon Budgets and Role of Organic Matter in Soil Fertility.

Soil Organic Matter Quality and Characterization.

Environmental Aspects of the Soil Carbon Cycle.

The Nitrogen Cycle in Soil: Global and Ecological Aspects.

The Internal Cycle of Nitrogen in Soil.

Dynamics of Soil N Transformations as Revealed by 15N Tracer Studies.

Impact of Nitrogen on Health and the Environment.

The Phosphorus Cycle.

The Sulfur Cycle.

Micronutrients and Toxic Metals.


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