Contested Environments

Edited by Bingham, Nick;Blowers, Andrew;Belshaw, Chris 
John Wiley & Sons  May 2003  

Softcover  304 Pages  ISBN 9780470850008      £45.00
Contesting Environments examines who and what environments are for. The existence of environmental value positions and beliefs, unevenly distributed power relations and people's diverse environmental actions explain why it is difficult for the various environmental understandings to co-exist, and why there are contests and conflicts over environmental resources.


Introduction (Nick Bingham).

Chapter One. Food Fights: on power, contest and GM (Nick Bingham).

Chapter Two. Landscape, parks, wilderness (Chris Belshaw).

Chapter Three. Power in the land: conflicts over energy and the environment (Andrew Blowers & Dave Elliott).

Chapter Four. Troubled waters (Pam Furniss).

Chapter Five. Trading with the environment (Annie Taylor).

Chapter Six. Environmental justice and the environmental justice movement (Wendy Maples).

Chapter Seven. Environmental values in environmental decision making (Jacquie Burgess).

Chapter Eight. Making environment news (Joe Smith).

Conclusion (Nick Bingham).



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