Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics - From Air Pollution to Climate Change - 2nd edition

Seinfeld, John H.; Pandis, Spyros N. 
John Wiley & Sons  September 2006  

Softcover  1232 Pages  ISBN 9780471720188      £90.00
Thoroughly restructured and updated with new findings and new features

The Second Edition of this internationally acclaimed text presents the latest developments in atmospheric science. It continues to be the premier text for both a rigorous and a complete treatment of the chemistry of the atmosphere, covering such pivotal topics as:

  • Chemistry of the stratosphere and troposphere
  • Formation, growth, dynamics, and properties of aerosols
  • Meteorology of air pollution
  • Transport, diffusion, and removal of species in the atmosphere
  • Formation and chemistry of clouds
  • Interaction of atmospheric chemistry and climate
  • Radiative and climatic effects of gases and particles
  • Formulation of mathematical chemical/transport models of the atmosphere

All chapters develop results based on fundamental principles, enabling the reader to build a solid understanding of the science underlying atmospheric processes. Among the new material are three new chapters: Atmospheric Radiation and Photochemistry, General Circulation of the Atmosphere, and Global Cycles. In addition, the chapters Stratospheric Chemistry, Tropospheric Chemistry, and Organic Atmospheric Aerosols have been rewritten to reflect the latest findings.

Readers familiar with the First Edition will discover a text with new structures and new features that greatly aid learning. Many examples are set off in the text to help readers work through the application of concepts. Advanced material has been moved to appendices. Finally, many new problems, coded by degree of difficulty, have been added. A solutions manual is available.

Thoroughly updated and restructured, the Second Edition of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics is an ideal textbook for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, as well a s a reference for researchers in environmental engineering, meteorology, chemistry, and the atmospheric sciences.


Preface to the Second Edition.

Preface to the First Edition

  • The Atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere Trace Constituents.
  • Chemical Kinetics.
  • Atmospheric Radiation and Photochemistry.
  • Chemistry of the Stratosphere.
  • Chemistry of the Troposphere.
  • Chemistry of the Atmospheric Aqueous.
  • Properties of the Atmospheric Aerosol.
  • Dynamics of Single Aerosol Particles.
  • Thermodynamics of Aerosols.
  • Nucleation.
  • Mass Transfer Aspects of Atmospheric Chemistry.
  • Dynamics of Aerosol Populations.
  • Organic Atmospheric Aerosols.
  • Interaction of Aerosols with Radiation.
  • Meteorology of the Local Scale.
  • Cloud Physics.
  • Atmospheric Diffusion.
  • Dry Deposition.
  • Wet Deposition.
  • General Circulation of the Atmosphere.
  • Global Cycles: Sulfur and Carbon.
  • Climate and the Chemical Composition of the Atmosphere.
  • Aerosols and Climate.
  • Atmospheric Chemical Transport Models.
  • Statistical Models.

Appendix A: Units and Physical Constants.

Appendix B: Rate Constants of Atmospheric Chemical Reactions.


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