Aquatic Pollution - An Introductory Text, 3rd Edition

Laws, Edward A. 
John Wiley & Sons  October 2000  

Hardcover  XVI, 640 Pages  ISBN 9780471348757      £110.00

Aquatic pollution includes a number of severe environmental hazards such as heavy metals, sewage, pathogenic microorganisms, and oil found in both freshwater and marine environments. Recognizing, controlling, and mitigating aquatic pollution on a global scale is one of the most important and most difficult challenges facing society today.

From the contents

Fundamental Concepts.


Physical Factors Affecting Production.

Cultural Eutrophication-Case Studies.

Nonpoint Source Pollution.

Sewage Treatment.

Pathogens in Natural Waters.


Industrial Pollution.


Thermal Pollution and Power Plants.


Oil Pollution.


Acid Deposition.

Groundwater Pollution.

Plastics in the Sea.


Units of Measurement and Abbreviations.


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