Environmental Modelling - Finding Simplicity in Complexity

Edited by Wainwright, John; Mulligan, Mark 
John Wiley & Sons  January 2004  

Softcover  412 Pages  ISBN 9780471496182      £43.00
Simulation models are increasingly used to investigate processes and solve practical problems in a wide variety of disciplines. Yet, until now, no book has examined its unique role across such disparate disciplines as climatology, ecology, hydrology, geomorphology, and engineering. Environmental Modelling addresses the common themes in the development, testing, and application of such models. Beginning with methods and approaches, the book then examines the relative advantages and disadvantages of different models used, illustrated with case studies. Later chapters detail a problem or issue and the role of modeling as a research activity, as well as the types of models used and lessons learned.

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Introduction (John Wainwright and Mark Mulligan).

Part I: Modelling and Model Building.

1 Modelling and Model Building (Mark Mulligan and John Wainwright ).

Part II: The State of the Art in Environmental Modelling.

2 Climate and Climate-System Modelling (L. D. Danny Harvey).

3 Soil and Hillslope Hydrology (Andrew Baird).

4 ModellingCatchment Hydrology (Mark Mulligan).

5 Modelling Fluvial Processes and Interactions (Katerina Michaelides and John Wainwright).

6 Modelling the Ecology of Plants (Colin P. Osbourne).

7 Spatial Population Models for Animals (George L. W. Perry and Nick R. Bond).

8 Ecosystem Modelling: Vegetation and Disturbance (Stefano Mazzoleni, Francisco Rego, Francesco Giannino and Colin Legg).

9 Erosion and Sediment Transport (John N. Quinton).

10 Modelling Slope Instability (Andrew Collison and James Griffiths).

11 Finding simplicity in complexity in biogeochemical modelling (Harald Sverdrup and Hördur Haraldsson).

12 Modelling human decision making (John Wainwright and Mark Mulligan).

13 Modelling land-use change (Eric F. Lambin).

Part III: Models for Management.

14 Models in Policy Formulation and Assessment: The WADBOS decision support system (Guy Engelen).

15 Decision Support Systems for Managing Water Resources (Sophia Burke).

16 Soil Erosion and Conservation (Mark A. Nearing).

17 Modelling in Forest Management (Mark J. Twery).

18 Stability and Instability in the Management of Mediterranean Desertification (John B. Thornes).

Part IV: Current and Future Developments.

19 Scaling Issues in Environmental Modelling (Xiaoyang Zhang, Nick A. Drake and John Wainwright).

20 Environmental Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics (Nigel G. Wright and Chris J. Baker).

21 Self-Organization and Cellular Automata Models (David Favis-Mortlock).

22 Data-Based Mechanistic Modelling and the Simplification of Environmental Systems (Peter C. Young, Arun Chotai and Keith J. Beven).

23 Pointers for the Future (John Wainwright and Mark Mulligan).

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