Subsurface Microbiology and Biogeochemistry

Edited by Fredrickson, James K.; Fletcher, Madilyn 
John Wiley & Sons  February 2001  

Hardcover  X, 341 Pages  ISBN 9780471315773      £125.00
Recent advances in technology and methodology have enabled the many advances in our understanding of subsurface microbial processes. Researchers are now able to explore relationships between microbial physiology, taxonomy, and genetics, and the environment of these microorganisms. The discovery of these subsurface microorganisms has created a multitude of opportunities for industrial, commercial, and medical applications.

From the contents

Preface. Contributors.


Biogeochemical and Geological Significance of Subsurface Microbiology (J. Fredrickson & T. Onstott).

Transport of Microorganisms in the Subsurface: The Role of Attachment and Colonization of Particle Surfaces (M. Fletcher & E. Murphy).


Constraints on the Distribution of Microorganisms in Subsurface Environments (F. Colwell).

Diversity and Activity of Microorganisms in Deep Igneous Rock Aquifers of the Fennoscandian Shield (K. Pedersen).

Vadose Zone Microbiology (T. Kieft & F. Brockman).


The Use of Geochemistry and the Importance of Sample Scale in Investigations of Lithologically Heterogeneous Microbial Ecosystems (J. McKinley).

Reduction of Iron and Humics in Subsurface Environments (D. Lovley).

Microbial Sulfur Cycling in Terrestrial Subsurface (E. Crossman & S. Desrocher).

Intrinsic Bioremediation of Organic Subsurface Contaminants (E. Madsen).


Nucleic Acid Analysis of Subsurface Microbial Communities: Pitfalls, Possibilities, and Biogeochemical Implications (D. Chandler & F. Brockman).

The Deep Biosphere: Lessons for Planetary Exploration (C. McKay).


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