Soil Microbiology - 2nd Edition

Tate, Robert L 
John Wiley & Sons  February 2000  

Hardcover  XXIV, 508 Pages  ISBN 9780471317913      £110.00
Microbial organisms that live in soils are many, forming a complex interactional chain with each other and the soil/plant environment. They are essential to the functioning of biogeochemical cycles, such as the transformation of nitrogen in the air into a form usable by plants. Filling an existing need for a text for the beginning student, the Second Edition of the standard reference on the subject has been rewritten to include more basic material as well as nonagronomic aspects of soil science such as bioremediation. New chapters include "Biological Diversity of Soil Ecosystems," "Soil Remediation," and "Soil Systems Management and Global Aspects."

From the contents

The Soil Ecosystem: Physical and Chemical Boundaries.

The Soil Ecosystem: Biological Participants.

Microbial Diversity of Soil Ecosystems.

Energy Transformations and Metabolic Activities of Soil Microbes.

Process Control in Soil.

Soil Enzymes as Indicators of Ecosystem Status.

Microbial Interactions and Community Development and Resilience.

The Rhizosphere/Mycorrhizosphere.

Introduction to the Biogeochemical Cycles.

The Carbon Cycle.

The Nitrogen Cycle: Soil-Based Processes.

Nitrogen Fixation: The Gateway to Soil Nitrogen Cycling.

Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation.


Sulfur, Phosphorus, and Mineral Cycles.

Principles of Bioremediation.

Concluding Challenge.


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