Microbial Ecology of the Oceans

Edited by Kirchman, David L. 
John Wiley & Sons  November 2000  

Softcover  X, 542 Pages  ISBN 9780471299929      £85.00
This book focuses on the processes related to global carbon cycling, including the flux of carbon and the energy through marine ecosystems, nitrogen fixing, and iron uptake by marine microbes. In addition, it studies the role of viruses in determining species diversity of marine microbes, the controls of bacterial growth rates and production, viability of marine bacteria, marine symbiosis, and thermal vents as the source of marine hyperthermophiles.

From the contents

Introduction (D. Kirchman & P. Williams).
Marine Microbes: An Overview (E. Sherr & B. Sherr).
Evolution, Diversity, and Molecular Ecology of Marine Prokaryotes (S. Giovannoni & M. Rappé).
Bacterial Production and Biomass in the Oceans (H. Ducklow).
Production Mechanisms of Dissolved Organic Matter (T. Nagata).
Heterotrophic Bacteria and the Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Material (P. Williams).
UV Radiation Effects on Microbes and Microbial Processes (M. Moran & R. Zepp).
Control of Bacterial Growth in Idealized Food Webs (T. Thingstad).
Uptake and Regeneration of Inorganic Nutrients by Marine Heterotrophic Bacteria (D. Kirchman).
Bacterial Energetics and Growth Efficiency (P. del Giorgio & J. Cole).
Impact of Viruses on Bacterial Processes (J. Fuhrman).
Bacterivory: Interactions between Bacteria and their Grazers (S. Strom).
Marine Nitrogen Fixation (H. Paerl & J. Zehr).
Nitrification and the Marine Nitrogen Cycle (B. Ward).
The Marine Microbial Nitrogen Cycle (D. Capone).
Symbiosis and Mixotrophy Among Pelagic Microorganisms (D. Carson).

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