Bacillus thuringiensis: Biology, Ecology and Safety

Edited by Glare, Travis R.; O'Callaghan, Maureen 
John Wiley & Sons  2000  

Hardcover  XVIII, 350 Pages  ISBN 9780471496304      £225.00

Provides a definitive source of information on the environmental, non-target and human safety aspects of using the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.) as a biological control agent. B.t. is used worldwide as an effective agent for controlling many species of insect pest, either by crop spraying or genetic engineering of crop plants. Recently questions have been raised due to health concerns over inhalation of the bacterial spores, and fears of gene-swapping. This reference provides a well-balanced comprehensive discussion on the subject.

From the contents


Natural Occurrence and Role in the Environment.

Production and Formulation.

Toxicity to Insects.

Effects on Non-target Microbes and Invertebrates.

Effects on Vertebrates.

Persistence and Activity in the Environment.

Insect and Environmental Factors Affecting Toxicity.

Transmission and Dispersal.

Effects in Combination with Other Insecticidal Agents.

Gene Transfer.

Transgenic Use of Bt Toxin Genes.


Conclusions: Safety and Risks.




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