Industrial Biofouling - Detection, Prevention and Control

Edited by Walker, James T.; Surman, Susanne; Jass, Jana 
John Wiley & Sons  September 2000  

Hardcover  XVI, 240 Pages  ISBN 9780471988663      £190.00
Biofouling and biofilms are the terms used to describe the attachment of biological material. Bacteria and other organisms have been shown to form biofilms that create nuisances in man-made environments. Biofilms occur and are a problem in the water service utilities, many industrial processes including the food, pharmaceutical, paint, oil processing and manufacturing, and engineering industries. In addition they may create havoc in medicine and dentistry. This book covers biofouling/biofilms in domestic, industrial and health related fields in which they are a persistent problem. Industrial Biofouling is divided into three main chapters focusing on the different areas in which biofilms are present. Each of these chapters is subdivided into sections covering problems, detection and prevention, and control of biofilms. An introductory chapter and a glossary of terms bring the volume to five chapters in total.

From the contents

Biofilms and Biofouling.

Biofouling in Drinking Water Systems.

Biofouling in Indusrial Waters and Processes.

Biofilms in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Future Direction of Biofilm Research: Methodologies and Their Applications.


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