Evolutionary Methods in Biotechnology - Clever Tricks for Directed Evolution (with Free CD-ROM)

Edited by Brakmann, Susanne; Schwienhorst, Andreas 
Wiley-VCH  2004  

Hardcover + CD-ROM  XIII, 214 Pages  ISBN 9783527307999      £148.00
From library generation by random or directed mutagenesis to screening and selection techniques -- the crucial steps for successful evolutionary biotechnology are described in detail in this practical guide that also includes valuable troubleshooting hints on frequently encountered problems.

As an added bonus, a CD-ROM is included that contains software tools for library design, selection of mutagenesis positions, and various predictive algorithms.

An indispensable tool for every scientist working in this interdisciplinary research area.

From the contents

Generation of Mutant Libraries Using Random Mutagenesis
DNA Shuffling
DNA Recombination Using StEP
FACS Screening of Combinatorial Peptide and Protein Libraries
Selection of Phage-displayed Enzymes
Selection of Aptamers
Methods for Selecting Catalytic Nucleic Acids
High-Throughput Screening of Enantioselective Industrial Biocatalysts
Computer-assisted Design of Doped Libraries
Directed in silico Mutagenesis
RNA Folding in silico
Patenting in Evolutionary Biotechnology
Programs on CD: How to identify positions suited for mutagenesis; Folding aspects; databases; structure-based design; and more
Glossary and Index

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