Molecular Farming - Plant-made Pharmaceuticals and Technical Proteins

Edited by Fischer, Rainer; Schillberg, Stefan 
Wiley-VCH  August 2004  

Hardcover  XXII, 316 Pages  ISBN 9783527307869      £168.00
Authors from academia and industry provide a fascinating overview of current production technologies and possible future applications. Topics include chloroplast-derived antibodies, biopharmaceuticals and edible vaccines, antibodies in plants and plant cell suspension cultures, spider silk proteins, and glycosylation of plant produced proteins.

For biotechnologists, gene technologists, molecular biologists and protein biochemists at universities as well as the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

From the contents


Perennial plants as a production system for pharmaceuticals
Foreign protein expression using hairy roots and plant suspension cultures
Production of recombinant proteins in germinating seeds
Viral expression vectors
Field trials
Chloroplast derived antibodies, biopharmaceuticals and edible vaccines
sIgA production in plants
Antibodies in plants and plant cell suspension cultures
Production of spider silk proteins in plants
Glycosylation of plant produced proteins
The precautionary approach to tackle the wicked problems
Requirements and expectations of Molecular Farming from the view of big pharma
Choice of crop species and improving recombinant protein levels
Gene farming in pea under field conditions: Seed specific synthesis of a bacterial exoenzyme

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