Practical Statistics for Field Biology

Fowler, Jim; Cohen, Lou; Jarvis, Phil 
John Wiley & Sons  1998  

Softcover  XII, 260 Pages  ISBN 0471982962      £20.00

This second edition acknowledges the peculiarities of field-based data and its interpretation. It provides biologists, both students and professionals, with sufficient grounding in statistical principles and methods to enable them to understand research reports in journals, decide on the most appropriate statistical tests for their own problems, and finally to analyze and present their findings.

From the contents Measurement and Sampling Concepts.

Processing Data.

Presenting Data.

Measuring the Average.

Measuring Variability.


Probability Distributions as Models of Dispersion.

The Normal Distribution.

Data Transformation.

How Good are Our Estimates?

The Basis of Statistical Testing.

Analysing Frequencies.

Measuring Correlations.

Regression Analysis.

Comparing Averages.

Analysis of Variance - ANOVA.

Multivariate Analysis.


Bibliography and Further Reading.


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