Practical Statistics for Environmental and Biological Scientists

Townend, John 
John Wiley & Sons  2002  

Softcover  X, 276 Pages  ISBN 9780471496656      £22.50

This book provides a concise, user-friendly, non-technical introduction to statistics. It covers planning and designing an experiment, how to analyze and present data, and the limitations and assumptions of each statistical method. The text does not refer to a specific computer package but rather describes how to carry out the tests and interpret the results based on the approaches used by most of the commonly used packages, e.g. Excel, MINITAB and SPSS. Formulae are kept to a minimum and relevant examples are included throughout the text.

From the contents


Part I Statistics Basics


A Brief Tutorial on Statistics

Before You Start

Designing an Experiment or Survey

Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Presentation

Common Assumptions or Requirements of Data for Statistical Tests

Part II Statistical Methods

F-tests and t-tests

Analysis of Variance

Correlation and Regression

Mulitvariate ANOVA

Repeated Measures

Chi-square Tests

Non-parametric Tests

Principal Component Analysis

Cluster Analysis




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